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Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

There are more than 100 bridges in Sanjiang, among which the Chengyang Wind-and-Rain Bridge is reputed to be the best. Built in 1916, it is a wooden-structured bridge built without nails. The bridge is a long corridor, on which two or more pavilion structures are built. It is supported by five abutments in the river and is paved with wood boards. There are five exquisite pavilions built on the body of the bridge, which represents the special architectural style of the Dong ethnic group. The bridge is 75 meters long, 10 meters high and more than three meters wide.

Though almost 100 years old, the bridge has been very well preserved by the Dong people. You can feel the shadow of history when you walk on the bridge. The bridge cross over the Linxi River, and is surrounded by several Dong villages.

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