Sanjiang Shopping

Exclusive to Sanjiang and available throughout the city, is a wealth of bamboo crafts including tablemats, chairs, vases and other attractive items. Other specialties include lacquer wares, Shu Brocade, silk tapestry and silverwares.

Rong Xin Gift Store
Add: 16 Banbian Bridge, Qingyang District Sanjiang
Description: One of the few gift shops that can provide customers with dolls of distinctive local features in the city. Demonstrations of the procedure of making these dolls are also offered to customers.
Open Hours: 9AM-6:00PM

Crystal Wu Fine Pieces Store
Add: 82 Shuangqiao Rd., Chenghua District Sanjiang
Description: features traditional Chinese paintings and porcelain of classical style.
Open Hours: 9AM-7:00PM

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Arts & Crafts Product Store
Add: 85 Zheng Tongshun St., Sanjiang
Description: It enjoys a reputation for perfect imitations of precious cultural relics. Articles of handicraft art with distinctive local features are also available.
Open Hours: 8:30AM-6:00PM

Province Cultural Relic Store
Add: Renmin Rd., Sanjiang
Description: It is one of the few legal cultural relic stores in the city. Elaborate imitations of curios are also available.
Open Hours: 8:30AM-6:00PM

Foreign Language Bookstore
Address: 5 Zongfu St.
Description: It is the best place in Sanjiang to buy foreign language books and music.
Open Hours: 9:00AM-7: 30PM

Flower, bird and fish market
Add: on the streets behind the Minshan Hotel (on Renmin South Road)
Description: It is the largest local market in Sanjiang. There are a great variety of flowers on sale, retail or wholesale. It's always very crowded especially on weekends.

Red Flag Department Store
Add: Zongfu Rd., Sanjiang
Description: a department store specializing in stationery, catering, electrical equipment and furniture, decorated with fountains and illuminations
Open Hours: 9:00AM-9PM

Sanjiang People's Department Store
Add: Railway N. Station, Sanjiang
Description: local Sanjiang specialties at reasonable prices.
Open Hours: 9:00AM-9PM

Sanjiang Department Store
Add: Renmin Rd., Sanjiang
Description: one of the biggest department stores in the city.
Open Hours: 9:00AM-9:00PM

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