Sanjiang Transportation

By bus

There are direct daily buses from Guilin, Liuzhou, and Congjiang to Sanjiang. But there are 2 bus stations in Sanjiang, one on either side of the river; buses from Longsheng and Guilin terminate at a depot 200m south of the bridge down the Longsheng road. Look For the speed barrier at the entrance on a curve in the road, as it's not otherwise marked. Those arriving from Guizhou Province wind up immediately north of the bridge in the centre of town.

Leaving Sanjiang, there are buses to Longsheng, Guilin, Wuzhou and Liuzhou from the south bus station; those for local villages, Congjiang, Tongle, Zhaoxing and Liping leave from the north bus station. Minibuses to the train station, Mapang and Bajiang also leave from outside the north bus station.

Sanjiang's bus station has daily services to Zhaoxing, Liping and Nanning; several daily for Congjiang (4.5hrs), Liuzhou, Longsheng (2.5hrs) and Guilin;

By train

From Huaihua (Hunan), Xiangfan (Hubei), Zhanjiang (Guangdong) and Liuzhou(Guangxi), there are trains passing through Sanjiang.

Getting Around

Regular buses are available in Sanjiang city to scenic spots like Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge. Buses depart every forty minutes to Chengyang. For Mapang, Bajiang and other smaller destinations, look for minibuses between the bus station and bridge, which leave when full or when chartered.

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Top Sanjiang Attractions:
Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge | Du Dong | Drum Tower