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Sanjiang, Sanjiang Travel GuideSituated in the north of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sanjiang County has a total area of 2,454 sq. km. It borders Guizhou Province on the Northwest in Cong Jiang County and on Tongdao Dong Ethnic Minority Autonomous County in Hunan Province. The whole county consists of 15 towns, 166 villages, and 566 village sub-groups. The total population is 357,300. The county is inhabited by members of the Dong, Miao, Yao, and Zhuang ethnic minorities. Of that number 202,800 of them are Dong ethnic minority.

Tourism resources

Tourists come to Sanjiang County to see the various nationalities' ethnic styles, culture, handicrafts, architecture and to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fresh and comfortable mountain climate. Here one can see the distinctive attractions of the Dong people, village gates, drum-towers, alcoves and roofed bridges.

Other resources

Forest resources
The county has 201,000 hectares of forest; more than 77% of the county is covered with forest. There are 96,140 hectares of coniferous forest and 5215 hectares of broad leaved forest, 5485 hectares of open forest land and 2173 hectares of shrubbery.

Water resources

The county is rich in water resources with 74 rivers running through the area.

Mining resources

Sanjiang County has rich mineral deposits. At present manganese, vanadium, barium, copper, gold, barite, quartz, lead zinc ore, diabase, and serpentine are being mined.

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Top Sanjiang Attractions:
Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge | Du Dong | Drum Tower