Suzhou embroidery

Suzhou Embroidery, Suzhou Travel Guide

Suzhou embroidery, as one of the 4 famous embroideries in China, has two popular motifs in the cat and golden fish. The Institute of Suzhou Embroidery, a first-class embroidery institute, says of the craft that "innovation is the best protection" through "combination of tradition skill and modern science and technology". As a result of applying this thinking to its craft, Suzhou embroidery has become the only Chinese embroidery to create successful economic results. In the last 20 years, the institute has persisted in upgrading the embroidery from "handicraft" to "artwork". Traditional Suzhou embroidery pays more attention to skill than art, and more on detail than on overall impression. The new generation of Suzhou embroidery is art work that maybe be seen from the distance and close-up detailed work.