Tianjin Shopping

Tianjin is famous for its carpets, clay figurines and New Year's posters (woodblock prints with hand-coloring that bring good luck and happiness).

Tianjin Yangliuqing Prints, Tianjin Travel GuideYangliuqing Prints Workshop
The Yangliuqing Prints Workshop produces distinctive Chinese wood block paintings featuring folk art pictures of children, babies, fairy tales and opera scenes. Tianjin has specialized in this particular style of art since the 17th century. Chinese families place these pictures on their doors at Lunar New Year to bring good luck, and they also make great souvenirs.

Tianjin Yufeng Tai Silk Flower Shop
Add: North Ave., Tianjin Palace
Tel: +86 022 27275123
Description: Specializes in making and selling silk flowers for different occasions.

Clay Figurine Zhang Craft Product
Add: 97 N. Ancient Culture St., Nankai District
Tel: +86 022 27275248
Description: The famous Tianjin clay figurines are available here.

Tianjin Carpet Factory No.2
Description: At this famous carpet-making site, you can buy magnificent wool and silk rugs all weaved by hand.

Tianjin Bowen Art Gallery & Dealer
Add: Guwenhua St.
Tel: +86 022 87341024
Description: Specializes in calligraphy and paintings by famous artists of modern China.

Songyun Zhai Art Gallery
Add: 31 East Floor St., Hexi District
Tel: +86 022 28302669
Description: Traditional Chinese paintings as well as western oil paintings are available here. There is also an exhibition center with many cultural relics on display.

Tianjin Development Zone Art Artworks Company
Add: Anshan Rd.
Tel: +86 022 27210553
Description: Local handicrafts are sold here.

Tianjin Le Wenshu Paint Gallery
Add: Front St., Tianjin Palace
Tel: +86 022 27352118
Description: The famous Tianjin New Year pictures are available here.

Traditional New Picture, Tianjin Travel GuideTianjin Yingchun New Year Picture Factory
Add: Shangxinkou Village
Tel: +86 022 27991173
Description: Specializes in the famous Tianjin New Year pictures.

Tianjin Zong Lian Zhai Biao Gallery
Add: South Rd., Zha Bridge
Tel: +86 022 27355990
Description: Exhibits and sells traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy and oil paintings.

Suzhou Artist
Add: 237 Xinhua Rd.
Tel: +86 022 23305220
Description: You can find traditional Chinese paintings, stone carvings, jade carvings, porcelain and decorative paintings here.

New Harbor Friendship Department Store
Add: Xingang (New Harbor) Tanggu District
Tel: +86 022 25793351
Description: One of the biggest department stores in the city.

Yongan Department Store
Add: Near the Tianjin Railway Station, Hedong District
Tel: +86 022 24211298
Description: One of the biggest department stores in the city.

Yistan Shopping Centre Jili Mansion
Add: Nanjing Rd. Heping District
Tel: +86 022 27221111
Description: Apart from a wide range of goods, a restaurant, a bowling center and a video game hall are also available to customers.

Tianjin Department Store
Add: 172 Heping Rd., Heping District
Tel: +86 022 27225916
Description: First built in 1927, it has a history of more than 80 years. With an area of 1,184,030 square feet, it is one of the 10 biggest department stores in China.

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