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Tianjin Attractions

Haihe River

Haihe River, Tianjin Travel GuideThe Haihe, the largest water system in north china, is formed by five large rivers - the North Canal, the Yongding, the Daqing, the Ziya and the South Canal - and more than 300 tributaries these spread out like a palm-leaf fan over the vast areas in north China and converge near Tianjin to form the Haihe, which then flows east and empties into the Bohai Sea at Dagukou. This 69-kilometer trunk of the Haihe from Tianjin to Dagukou is like the handle of the fan, channeling the more than 300 tributaries into the sea. The Haihe basin covers Beijing, Tianjin, the greater part of Hebei, and parts of Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.

Ancient Culture Street

Ancient Culture Street, Tianjin Travel GuideAfter taking just a short walk southwest of the Notre Dame des Victoires, you will be confronted by a colorful arch, the entrance to the Ancient Culture Street. The Ancient Culture Street reflects the authority's effort to recreate an ancient Chinese street of the 19th century in modern high-rise Tianjin. "Antiques" here are generally expensive, but if you are a connoisseur of bargaining, you can still find some good souvenirs at a reasonable price. Some good shops worthy of being mentioned include the Nirenzhang Clay Figurine Shop, Yangliuqing New Year Poster Shop and Tianyige Four Chinese Writing Tools Shop.

The Tianjin Opera Museum

Tianjin Opera Museum, Tianjin Travel GuideThe Tianjin Opera Museum was converted from the Guangdong Guildhall. It was by an accident that the opera museum had grown to its present size from the former Guangdong Guildhall. Guildhalls served as meeting places for businessmen engaged in various trades to talk over business. Such conventions would be entertained by theatrical performances. The theatre built in the guildhall occupies two thirds of the structure. The building of the Guangdong Guildhall was completed in 1907. The Guangdong Guildhall was the last of its kind to be constructed. So appropriately enough it is now the Tianjin Opera Museum.

Tianjin TV Tower

Tianjin TV Tower, Tianjin Travel GuideTianjin TV & Radio Tower is called for short "Tian Ta", which is located at the south-west of Tianjin, surrounded by a lake about 210,000 square meters. "Tian Ta" is famous for a sky-high tower over water. The height of "Tian Ta" is 415 meters. A seven-story flying-saucer shaped project structure is situated between 248 meters and 278 meters of the tower. The total area of the project structure is 4,500 square meters. Excepting the broadcaster room and power room (260m-378m), there are three stories, covering about 1,300 square meters. On the first story, Xiankelai restaurant (248 meters) provides Chinese food, banquet services, and Karaoke separate room. It can service 100 people simultaneously.

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