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Tianjing Antique Market

Tianjin Antique market (guwan shichang) is one of the China's most impressive markets. This lively antique market in central Tianjin runs along Shenyang Jie and also sprawls out into some side streets. Shops and stalls are overflowing with curios - jewelry, coins, stamps, teapots, snuff bottles and Mao memorabilia. The market opens early in the morning and closes late afternoon. The Ancient Culture street (gu wenhua jie) of Tianjin is an attempt to recreate the appearance of an ancient Chinese city. On certain public holidays streets operas are staged here. It is not really a market; rather, it is more like a group of streets that have a lot of shops along the road. There are not a lot of tourists that go here so you need to be fairly familiar with Chinese to be able to work out a deal with someone or to find out what something is.

Tianjing Antique Market - Tianjin Travel Guide