Red Hill

Red Hill, Urumqi Travel GuideRed Hill, also known as Tiger Head Hill or Tiger Head Peak, is at the center of Urumqi on the eastern bank of Urumqi River. It is 2,985 feet above sea level. At sunrise and sunset, the hill looks red for it reflects the red light from the sun, so it was named Red Hill. The hill stretches from east to west and its main peak is 1391m high. At the top of the hill stands a nine-story, solid, gray brick pagoda 8 meters high. On the opposite side less than 1 km away from the Red Hill is Yamalik Hill (Monster Hill). After many years of development, the Red Hill has become "Red Hill Park" whose view is very beautiful. It has a legend that in 1785 and 1786 the city suffered from severe flood, caused, it was supposed, by a vicious dragon. If the two mountains (Red Hill and Yamalike Hill) joined, the Urumqi river would be blocked and drown the city. In 1788, Shang An, the governor of Urumqi, had two pagodas built at the top of each hill to suppress the dragon. Now the pagoda still remains intact. In the Qing Dynasty, Temple of the Jade Emperor and Temple of the Great Buddha; Palace of the Dipper were built at the foot of the hill. Those splendid temples used to hold Buddhist activities and attracted swarms of worshippers. Unfortunately they were burnt down by warlords later. In recent years, the Statue of Lin Zexu, a national hero of the Qing Dynasty, was established, which added to the beauty of the Red Hill. Standing in the Far-Viewing Pavilion on top of the Red Hill, you can get a complete view of the city of Urumqi. The Red Hill has become a symbol of Urumqi.

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