Urumqi Nightlife

Urumqi is a city where multiethnic groups of people live in compact, mixed communities. People of different minorities in Xinjiang have created colorful and beautiful dances that have won Xinjiang the name "Home of Songs and Dances." The major ethnic groups' activities and entertainments are held frequently.

Sheep Tussling
Sheep Tussling, Urumqi Nightlife, Urumqi Travel GuideSheep Tussling is a traditional cultural game of sport held on high days and holidays of the Kazak, Uyghur, Kirgiz, Xibe, Uzbek and other ethnic peoples. Before the tussling commences, the master of ceremonies first offers a prayer, and the competitors return a blessing. Then the master of ceremonies slaughters the animal and a signal is given to start the game. On the pasture, horses are whipped into a heated gallop while the riders overtake one another, fighting for the slaughtered anima1. A lot of tugging and tussling back and forth goes on with no one easily giving up. After a vigorous competition in strength, tactics, and horsemanship, the winner finally gets the animal, and the meat from the animal is called "lucky meat."

Girl Chase
Girl Chase, Urumqi Nightlife, Urumqi Travel GuideGirl Chase is a traditional game and entertainment popular among young Kazak people. It is also a unique occasion for them to express mutual admiration and love. The game begins with pairs of young people riding out leisurely shoulder to shoulder from the starting point to the designated goal. On the way, a man expresses his love or admiration of a girl or just teases her. The girl, whether she likes him or not, is not allowed to show any offense. When they reach the goal and turn around to ride back to the starting point, the young man will turn his horse swiftly around with the girl chasing relentlessly from behind. If the young woman did not mind the young man's verbal advances and feels the same about him, she will whirl her whip over his head, touching him lightly. But if the young woman shares no common feelings with the young man she will actually whip him as she overtakes him on horseback amidst the spectators' roaring laughter.

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