West Poplar Valley

Urumqi West Poplar Valley, Urumqi Travel GuideWest Poplar Valley in Nanshan Mountains is a well-known summer resort in southern suburb of Urumqi and about 30 km away from downtown area of Urumqi. Belong to mountain, forest grassland structure, the place is not only a good natural pasture, but also a scenery where prevent the sunstroke, recuperate, tour. It was a famous hunting and pasturing area in Tang Dynasty. On entering the valley, you can see that under the blue sky are magnificent mountains, herds of sheep and cattle, thick forest and brooks.

Tourists come here, may go to be a guest in Kazak herdsmen' yurt, drink the pure and aromatic milk tea, taste the roasted mutton, cheese, etc delicious meal; appreciate the traditional "riding horse", "girl chasing", etc wonderful programs. At the utmost in the valley is a 10-odd m high natural cliff from which a 2-m wide waterfall drops making a lot of water mist. Qing Dynasty poem Hong Liangji wrote in Tianshan song: "The stones are green like jade in the Tianshan, snow and stone are all dyed green. In the half sky stone fall and ice sudden open, opposite fall flying waterfall." It is just this realistic description of magnificent scenery.

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