Qingchuan Pavilion

Qingchuan Pavilion - Wuhan Travel Guide

Qingchuan Pavilion, also named Qingchuan Tower, is located on YugongJi which is on the east foot of Hill Gui, at the north bank of Changjiang River, opposite the Yellow Crane Tower. The ancient Qingchuan Pavilion was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), for the memory of the great hero Yu, who dredged floods of the rivers. It was named after a sentence from the famous poem written by Cui Hao, a poet in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), i.e. "By sun-lit river trees can be counted one by one, on Parrot Islet sweet green grass grows fast and thick." The famous Tower and Pavilion sited face to face, provides a scene along the River. The Qingchuan Pavilion was ruined several time in a fate similar to that of the Yellow Crane Tower. The present building was rebuilt in 1983.