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Wuhan Shopping

As one of the largest cities in central China, both modern amenities and ancient crafts can be easily found here.

Jianghan Road Commercial District – Wuhan ShoppingJianghan Road Commercial District
This district, like Wangfujing in Beijing or Nanjing Road in Shanghai, is the busiest commercial district in Wuhan. Scattered around here are big-scale department stores like Zhongxin Department Store, shops, specialty stores, fast food restaurants, post offices, banks and other financial institutions. The area around Jianghan Lu is also home to some interesting stores and stalls and some of the smaller buildings around here have maintained their colonial style. On Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan Books Shopping Town bustles with people.

Hanzhengjie Small Commodities Market
With a history of more than 500 years, this commercial district is one of the oldest streets in Wuhan. Located on the north bank at the intersection of the two rivers and enjoying the advantage of the waterways, this market is the largest collection and distribution point for small commodities. The street has a strong appeal for travelers. As early as the Ming dynasty, this was regarded as a vitally important destination where peasants and tradesmen could exchange goods. Today, this place is one of the major wholesale centers in the country.

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