Wuhan Botanical Garden

Wuhan Botanical Garden - Wuhan Travel GuideWuhan Botanical Garden, one of the several principal gardens in China, covers an area of about 70 hectares. More than ten landscapes including special gardens and beautiful horticulture spots have been formed these years. they are Aquatic Plant Garden, Rare Endangered Plant Garden Chinese Gooseberry Garden, Ornamental Garden, Tree Garden, Pine and Cypress Garden, Bamboo Garden and so on. Up to present about 4,000 species have been introduced or cultivated. Since spring and fall coming, some magnificent exhibitions of famous flowers would be regularly held in the garden. WBG has gradually developed into the biggest germless reservation center of Central China and biodiversity protection base of north subtropical flora in China.

In order to promote its scientific research level, WBG enhanced series of cooperation with domestic and foreign institutes and botanical gardens in the fields of science and research intelligence communicating, teaching, staff training and symposium organizing, and established long term relations with other 44 countries and regions in seed exchange, technique cooperation, professional education and culture communication.

Ever since the establishment of WBG, more than forty new varieties of economic fruit trees, landscape afforesting and medicine plants have been selected or bred. The garden has been contributing great to the society.