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Gulangyu Tourist Area

The 1.78-square-kilometer Gulangyu Island in the southwestern corner of Xiamen is a major scenic spot in Fujian. With its serene beauty, tranquil atmosphere, fresh air, and buildings in various architectural styles tucked away in the shadows of green trees, there is plenty to see and do on this small island. It is the best place to visit in this part of Fujian, although it is sometimes hard to find a room, especially for those on a budget. Very few of the sights here are spoiled, and there are many charming features, from the profusion of ancient trees, all labeled, to the variety of seafood restaurants.

Gulangyu Tourist Area of Xiamen, Xiamen Attractions, Xiamen Travel GuideSunlight Rock (Riguang Yan)

The highest point on the island, Sunlight Rock, is also the symbol of Xiamen city. Just like the saying “one who has not visited the Great Wall is not a true hero,” those who have not visited Sunlight Rock cannot claim to have truly seen Xiamen. From this vantage point you can get a bird’s-eye view of the entire island through wooded foliage and over colonial rooftops. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the nearby Taiwanese Island of Jinmen. The climb up to the 40-meter-wide rock is leisurely and winds through some of the nicest scenery of Gulangyu, between mansions and ancient, gnarled trees.

Xiamen Gulangyu Tourist Area, Xiamen Attractions, Xiamen Travel GuideRight below Sunlit Rock stands the Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, where the life of this famous general who beat the Dutch colonists in Taiwan is relived through more than 300 cultural relics, historical documents, photos, sculptures and scale models, on display in seven showrooms.

Shuzhuang (Bean Plantation) Garden

This garden was built by a Taiwan business tycoon who moved his family here during the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. The terrain and the sea are perfectly incorporated into the layout of the entire garden, with small bonsai trees and exquisite pavilions.

Guanhai Garden Villas

A charming collection of villas and guesthouses are spread over a ten-hectare area of Gulangyu. Complete with dining rooms, meeting halls and clubs, these villas are separated by tree-lined roads, zigzagging paths and luxuriant gardens. Many tourists who come here for sightseeing, holidays or meetings stay in these Western-style lodgings. There is frequent ferry service from here to Xiamen City.

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