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Xiamen Shopping

As one of the first Chinese cities to open its doors to the outside world, Xiamen has a selection of relatively modern fashions. There is a plethora of huge, modern malls in the center of the city. Many of the bigger stores around Zhongshan Road feature designer goods by Armani, Gucci and YSL. Xiamen is also home to a huge number of factories. Many of these places have factory outlets, selling designer clothing at reduced prices.

Peanut Crunch Candy
During the Qing dynasty, nobles and imperial officers would have enjoyed this candy. Now, everyone can find it in large bars or on the street corner for sale. To make this specialty, peanuts are first shelled and roasted for half an hour. Then they are reheated in liquefied sugar. After cooling off, the large bars are cut into small pieces and are ready to eat.

Xiamen Bead Embroidery
Xiamen bead embroidery is a local handicraft that has been famous for its eye-catching glimmer for over 100 years. Local artists embroider small beads with silk thread into intricate patterns on slippers, tapestry and purses.

Shopping Streets
Gulangyu Dragon Head Road
The Dragon Road is the central commercial and cultural street of Gulangyu. There are many crafts stores, calligraphy and painting stores, department stores, etc. on both sides of the street.

Zhongshan Road
This is the busiest street in Xiamen City, with many architectural styles showcasing this bustling city on the sea. There are hundreds of department stores, restaurants, and theaters on both sides of the street dazzling locals and tourists with the endless array of beautiful commodities.

Xiahe Road
Xiahe Road is a newly formed commercial street in Xiamen, with a large shopping center.

Bailuzhou Shopping and Recreation City
Situated in the northern section of Hubinzhong Road, this area is pleasant and has convenient shopping, restaurants and recreation facilities.

Dafeng Commercial Mansions
You can find many Taiwanese commodities here.

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