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Xiamen Restaurants

Peanut Soup
Made from only one main ingredient, peanut soup (huasheng tang) is a popular dish in Xiamen but is by no means easy to make.

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Spring Rolls
Spring roll wrappers (sold in markets) are filled with shredded carrots, bamboo shoots, green peas, shredded meats, shrimp, tofu, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Served with mustard, chili sauce, plum sauce, scrambled eggs, leeks, and Chinese parsley (coriander), these "Chinese burritos" are mucho tasty!

Stir- Fried Rice Noodles
These noodles are deep fried until golden, then stir fried with shredded pork, fish, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

Fried Squid
The best fried squid is served at Lin Duck House, opposite South Putuo Temple. The squid is fried with bamboo shoots, scallions, tomato, sugar and vinegar until they roll up into a tube shape.

Vegetarian Food
South Putuo vegetarian food follows the traditional Buddhist diet using only vegetables. With elegant names, these dishes have good quality, color, fragrance, taste

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