Hukou Waterfalls

Hukou Waterfalls
Interested in a tour to magnificent Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River? Join our recommended Hukou Waterfall Tour From 123 USD.

Hukou Waterfall, one of the most famous and grand waterfall in china, boosts good fame of either long history or achievements of human civilization in antiquity. It's located at the boundary of Yan'an and Yi Chuan County in Shaanxi.

Hukou Waterfall is also the second largest in China along the Yellow River. Many visitors are attracted by its tremendous and roaring falls. Sometimes you could enjoy the mysterious water screen and rainbow after the rain. Hukou is a narrow path, where the water gathered and flushes down ramblingly and roaring.

The Yellow River which comes from Qinghai Province flows to this Hukou, the water falls and splashes to the rocks around and causes the beautiful and splendid spay. With the yellow soil in the water, the waterfall looks more like a huge dragon diving into the bottom river.

People from north of are bold and unconstrained or are happy sometimes just like the Hukou waterfall. Gradually, the waterfall was regarded as the spirit of manliness, especially when it got through the war of anti-Japanese and Liberation. It's the natural barrier. The ancient poets or the military leaders often came to get inspiration or express their ambition.

The rocks and water clash with each other and combat with each other. If you stand by the waterfall, the rumbling sound would make you thrilling. However, it can make your heart broad more or less.

If you come here, you can hear many legends both in ancient time or modern time from the locals. Many tourists come here to seek the trace of human civilization and the revolutionary history.


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Interested in a tour to magnificent Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River? Join our recommended Hukou waterfall tour.

Hukou Waterfall Tour From 123USD

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