Yan'an Shopping

Yan'an's special location supports many kinds of local specialties. It is famous for red dates, millets, walnuts, buckwheat flour, apples, Chinese chestnuts, Chinese prickly ash, noodles made of potato starch, Ganquan dried bean curd, purple pottery and porcelain ware. These famous products are available at many stores and tourism areas.

Shaanbei Date – Yan'an Shopping

Shopping Streets and Stores
Near the Yanhe River, there are many stores on Erdao Street and Daqiao Street. Also look for Yan'an Department Store, Yan'an Arts and Crafts Company, Yan'an Yasheng Shopping Center, Yan'an Beifang Building, Yan'an World Trade Tower and Yan'an Commercial City. They all sell commodities for daily use, local and special products, arts and crafts and gifts.

Yan'an Department Store:
Add: Daqiao Street
Tel: +86 0911 2112328

Minsheng Department Store
Add: Zhongxin Street
Tel: +86 0911 212498


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