Yan'an Pagoda Hill

Pagoda Hill is located by the Yanhe River, east of Yan'an, 1,076.3 meters above sea level. The hill is re-named after the pagoda was built. The pavilion-style pagoda, built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), is 44 meters high with nine stories. You can get to the top but the brick pagoda is quite a climb. Nearby can be seen a large cast-iron 17th C bell which was cast in the Ming dynasty. Standing on top of the majestic pagoda, you can have a whole view of Yan'an City. The pagoda is the symbol of Yan'an as a sacred place in the Chinese revolution.

Yan'an Pagoda Hill

There are lots of stone inscriptions left on cliff, among which "Jialingshan" is the most famous one, which is the work of Fan Zhongyan (989-1052), the outstanding politician and poet in the history. It was re-carved at the beginning of the Ming dynasty duo to the efflorescing by wind and rain.

Yanan Pagoda Hill


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