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Zhangjiajie Nightlife

Zhangjiajie Theatres - Zhangjiajie NightlifeThe West Hunan bonfire performance of the Wulingyuan area is extremely famous, and it is also interesting to watch some local folk activities such as the Tujia Maogusi dance, Tujia hand-shaking dance, Tujia martial arts hard qigong, Tujia Yangxi and so on. Moreover, there many places where you can listen to folk songs on the way to Wulingyuan Scenic Area. A popular spot is the Folk Song Pavilion in Wulongzhai Village. During holidays, the area has many large-scale dance performances and festivities.

Theatres & Concerts

Yangxi Theater
Add: Yongding District

Bars / Teahouses / Clubs

Hongcai Bar
Add: Xixiping
Tel: +86 0744 8512067

2046 Music Bar
Add: Bijia Rd
Tel: +86 0744 3224177

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