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Zhangjiajie Dining

Sichuan Cuisine – Zhangjiajie DiningGenerally speaking, food in Zhangjiajie is characterized by Xiang cuisine, one of China's famed eight cuisines. Most of the dishes are very hot and spicy, sometimes using liquor as an ingredient. The most famous part of this cooking style is the Tujia dishes because of their rich national characteristics, particular materials and unique flavors.

Famous Dishes

"Three Foods in a Pot"

In ancient times, local people used to put cured meat, bean curd and radish into a pot and boil them together. Now people mainly choose intestinal materials from pigs, cows or sheep and cook them in a special pot. The dish is really special and wonderful, especially in the small native restaurants.

"The Loach Drilling in Bean Curd"

This is a local dish of the Tujia people that is especially fresh and tender with rich nutrition, delicious flavor, and particular delicacies for honored guests.

Delicious Snacks

Tujia wine - Zhangjiajie DiningZhangjiajie is a mountainous area with a large variety of game and wild herbs, for example wild boar, muntjac, Bai Mian, bamboo partridge, thorn pig, giant salamander, bee cocoon, Chinese toon, bracken, Shan Sun, fir fungus, mountainous fungus, auricularia, Dimi Cai, gingko, etc.


Tujia wine has long been famous and includes rice wine, corn liquor, sorghum liquor, Kudzu root liquor, fruit wine, snake liquor, hedgehog liquor and so on.

Other snacks include sweet wine with rice dumplings, strong smelling fermented bean curd, special Tujia spicy radishes and pickled vegetables.

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