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Chengdu Useful Contact

Area Code: 028

Emergency Numbers
Police: 110
Fire: 119
Telephone Numbers: 114
Weather: 121
Municipal First-Aid Center: 120

PSB Office: 86407114

Local Tourist Administration & Complaints Hotline
Tourist Complaints Hotline: 86622065
China Chengdu Tourism Bureau: 86622062

Sichuan International Medical Center: 85422409
Sichuan People's Hospital: 87769982
No. 1 Hospital of Huaxi Medical: 85551255
Global Doctor Services Clinic: 86786746

Train Inquiry: 83377523
Flight Inquiry: 85700114

Post & Telecommunication
Chengdu Post Office: 86741580

Banks or Credit Card
Bank of China (Main branch on Renmin Road): 85783999

Embassies & Consulate
Consu1ate General of the United States of America in Chengdu
Add: West Building,Jinjiang Hotel,Chengdu
Tel: 85552567

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