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Chengdu Zoo

Chengdu Zoo, Chengdu Attractions, Chengdu Travel GuideChengdu zoo is in the northern suburbs of the city, surrounded by gardens. It is one of the biggest zoos in China, covering 18 hectares, with 250 odd varieties of animals living in the beautiful and comfortable halls, houses, ponds and fenced-up mounds, which are scattered amidst green trees and colorful flowers. It has over 30 halls of various designs reflected in green trees and bamboo and flowers and feeds over 300 animals. There are 3000 animals and 250 species, but the most popular beasts are undoubtedly the giant pandas.

One unique feature of the zoo is the panda houses, spacious and ingeniously designed, shaded among bamboo and surrounded by ditches. They are really good homes for the giant and lesser pandas and, of course, the pandas are the tourist highlight. Ten pandas live at the zoo and laze away their days in the Panda Hall.

The Chengdu Zoo is the world's most successful breeder of pandas by artificial insemination. In recent years, tourists from different continents have arrived in a continuous flow to see pandas in their hometown and pandas of the Chengdu zoo have also traveled abroad to charm people of different countries.

The zoo won a gold medal of the "Global 500 Best" of the UN Environmental Program in June 1989.

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