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Sichuan University Museum

Sichuan University Museum, Chengdu Attractions, Chengdu Travel GuideThe Sichuan University Museum (called the West China Union University Museum before 1952) is located on the first and third floors of Sichuan University's Liberal Arts building in the southeast of Chengdu. The Museum was founded in 1914. The Sichuan University Museum, as the eldest one in Southwest China, is the only museum among the comprehensive universities in China's higher education and also one with long history among the Chinese universities and colleges. In its development of 90 years, its outstanding collection of over 40,000 Valuable artifacts is particularly rich in ethnology, folklore, art sculpture, and many of them are not be found elsewhere in China.

Sichuan University Museum holds an area of nearly 2000 square meters for exhibition, which in recent decade has received over several ten thousands of tourists of all kinds. The work and the collection of the museum have been highly appreciated by experts and scholars at home and abroad. Sichuan University Museum has been known in the world and is the window of Sichuan University for the academic exchange and communication with significance.

The display area of 2000 square meters covers 7 parts: the stone-carving art, the folklore wares, Art of nationalities, Daoism Culture, Art of earlier Sangxingdui, pottery art, and paintings. At the same time, Sichuan University Museum has successfully developed its Digital Museum of Humanities. All the efforts gain the full exhibition of the excerption of Sichuan University Museum collection, and have greatly raised the rate for display and value in use.

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