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Tomb of Wangjian

Tomb of Wangjian, Chengdu Attractions, Chengdu Travel GuideTomb of Wangjian, also known as Yong Mausoleum, historically named Yongling Mausoleum, is situated in East Fuqin Road, Chengdu. It mainly consists of the coffin chamber and the exhibition hall. The teahouse here is also famous all over the city. You can enjoy the well-known performance of royal music of the former Shu here.

Wangjian (847 - 918) used to be a general of the Tang dynasty. At the end of the Tang dynasty, in order to avoid the frequent wars, he followed the Emperor Xizong to Sichuan province. After the collapse of the Tang dynasty in 907, Wangjian established the Former Shu kingdom and capitalized Chengdu.

Formed by a series of 14 double stone vaults, the 23.4m long coffin chamber consists of front, middle and back rooms. The coffin platform is flanked by open carvings of 12 men of unusual strength and carved with reliefs of 24 musicians and dancers on the east, west and south sides. Of all the cultural relics unearthed in China, the 24 musicians and dancers form the best-preserved royal band of the Tang Dynasty. The stone sculpture of Wangjian, sitting in a relaxed manner but still with a dignified look of an emperor, is kept in the back room.

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