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Wang Cong Temple

Wang Cong Temple, Chengdu Attractions, Chengdu Travel GuideThe Wang Cong Temple is located in the southwest suburbs of Pixian County, 23 kilometers from the city centre, contains a tomb and a temple commemorating the two emperors of the ancient Shu Kingdom. The Shu Kingdom moved its capital from Pixian to Chengdu 2,300 years ago and the temple and statues in the park were built to commemorate Sichuan's first well- documented ancestors. It has a history of over 1,500 years, and has now been listed as a key historical site under state protection. With renovations during the various dynasties, the hall expanded from the original coverage of 20mu to over 80mu. Today there is a small museum with a number of paintings and a collection of archeological relics unearthed in the Pixian area. Among other events, a song contest is held here at the Dragon Boat Festival. There are many scenic spots in its vicinity, such as the Ziyun Pavilion, the Tomb of Yang Xiong, and the Dujuan City Relics. There is also a teahouse, a lake and, as well as many pleasant walking paths.

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