Erlong Scenic Spot

Harbin Erlong Scenic Spot, Harbin Attractions, Harbin Travel GuideThe lakeside Erlong Scenic Spot is situated in the east of Harbin, 33.6 miles from the city proper. Today, Erlong Hill has become an ideal place for recreation and sightseeing for the tourists from home and abroad. Erlong Hill got its name from two dragons playing with the pears. Dalong Hill and Xiaolong Hill stand side by side from northeast to southeast. The undulating hills look like large dragons rising and falling in the clouds and extending towards the pearl island in the water.

Street of Local Food in this street of local food, the tourists can taste whatever they like, ranging from steamed potatoes, steamed eggplants, steamed corns, roasted yam beans, roasted potatoes, roasted meat cubes, roasted corns and roasted fish slices to gruel of every kind as well as large flat pancakes and glutinous rice cake.

The Chute Tourists can ride the chute made of stainless steel. When they slide down along the 88-meter-long S-shaped chute from the peak of Wanglong Hill, the strong feeling of separation of soul from the flesh will make it most impressive.

Dragon Pearl (Longzhu) Skiing Zone is located in Erlong Hill Scenic Spot, with a total area of 780,000 square meters. The resort offers fun with eight ski runs that meanders downhill from top of the mountain. For almost half of the year, the snow - covered ground is fit for skin. It is the biggest suburban skiing zone in China, equipped with wide range of facilities, such as appropriate and wide skiing slides, various skiing tools and skiing dresses. It also opens night skiing zone, cable cars and offers the new automatically expanding and contracting skiing pole etc. tourists from all walks of life could enjoy themselves through the colorful snow and ice related recreations in the Erlong Lake Ice Recreation Center where hundreds of sports and ice and snow sculpturing activities are to be found, such as Golf, Cliff Climbing and Motoring.