Harbin Shopping

Harbin is an important shopping center in northern China. It periodically holds import and export fairs and enjoys a good reputation in the international market. Agate from Heilongjiang, wheat straw patchwork, ox horn mosaics, edible black fungus and blackberries are some of its better known exports.

Harbin Trade Center, Harbin Shopping, Harbin Travel GuideHarbin City Tourism Arts & Crafts Product Trade Center
Add: #7, Xishi Sidao St., Li District
Description: Arts and crafts
Hours: 8:30am-6pm

Province Arts & Crafts Service Department
Add: #179, Xidazhi St., Nangang District
Description: Chinese paintings and calligraphy
Hours: 9am-8pm

Harbin City Arts & Crafts Sales Dept
Add: #322, Fendou Rd., Nangang District
Description: imitations of cultural relics, calligraphy and paintings
Hours: 9am-9pm

Harbin Arts & Crafts Product Company
Add: Dacheng St. Nangang District
Description: Elaborate stone carvings, jade carvings and porcelains
Hours: 8:30am-7pm

Education Bookstore
Add: Central St.
Description: First built in 1909 as the Songpu Foreign Firm, one of the largest bookstores in the city, English books and tourist maps available.
Hours: 8:30am-8: 30pm

Sino-Russian Trade Market
Add: 13 Hegou St., Nangang District,
Description: An exchange center for Chinese and Russian people living in border areas established in June 1992. It is composed of five streets. It has two indoor business halls and mainly sells clothing and handicrafts.
Tel: 3672347
Hours: 8am-10pm

Harbin No. 1 Department Store
Add: #118 Shitoudao St.
Tel: 4615588
Description: a large-scale comprehensive shopping center, with a wide variety of merchandise
Hours: 9am-9pm

Qiulin Company
Add: #319, Dongdazhi St.
Tel: 3600588
Description: general merchandise
Hours: 9am-9pm

Songlei Trade Mansion
Add: #329 Dongdazhi St.
Tel: 3646867
Description:  a comprehensive shopping center for shopping, relaxing, catering, amusement and sightseeing.
Hours: 9am-9pm

Harbin Shopping-Center, Harbin Shopping, Harbin Travel GuideCentral Commercial City
Add: #100 Central St.
Tel: 4654684
Description: sells general merchandise, cosmetics, and clothes.
Hours: 9am-9pm

Grand Shopping Center
Add: #18 Rong Shi Street, Nan Gang District
Tel: 3627189
Description: one of the largest shopping centers in the city, provides comprehensive shopping, catering and recreation.
Hours: 9am-10pm

Longmate Supermarket
Add: Changjiang Rd.
Description: This is the biggest supermarket in the Northeast. Customers can find a wide range of goods such as clothes, shoes, household electrical equipment, frozen food, and fresh vegetables.
Hours: 9am-9pm

Jiaxin Supermarket
Add: #50 Tongda St.
Description: a middle-scale supermarket specializing in household goods, known for its various kinds of famous teas from all over the country.
Hours: 9am-9pm

Green Food Supermarket
Add: #57 Shangzhi St.
Hours: 9am-9pm
Description: Known for its wide range of green food, natural nutrition products, dressings, frozen food and dairy products