Harbin Nightlife

Theaters & Concerts

Beifang Theatre
Add: #1, Xi Da Zhi Street, Nangang District
Description: Beifang Theatre is a modern, comprehensive, entertainment spot
Tel: 3641779

Harbin Concert Hall, Harbin Nightlife, Harbin Travel GuideHarbin Concert Hall
Add: #69 Business Street, Dao Li District
Description: built in 1959, the concert hall has excellent acoustics, classical European style architecture.
Tel: 4641764

Harbin Purple Lilac Concert Hall
Add: Hong Zhuan Street, Dao Li District
Description: the most popular concert hall in the city, home of the popular Broadway style Purple Lilac Dancing Group

Harbin Youth Palace
Add: #4, Stalin Street, Daoli District
Description: center for youth activities, seats 1,200 seats
Tel: 4619130


Qianshoufo International Recreation Club
Add: #125, Yiman St., Nangang District
Tel: 3678888
Description: three Swimming pools, bowling alley, nightclub and disco hall.
Hours: 8am-1pm

Pedestrian Disco Bar
Harbin Disco Bar, Harbin Nightlife, Harbin Travel GuideAdd: #8, Hongzhuan Street, Daoli District
Tel: 4614187
Description: superb equipment and lighting system as well as first-class sound effects, a comprehensive center combining entertainment, recreation and commerce, especially patronized by young people
Hours: 24 hours

Millennium Bar
Description: Performance is available every weekend.
Add: #57, Min'an Rd., Daoli District
Tel: 4538888
Hours: 8:30pm-3am

Red Leaf Club
Add: #91 Min'an Rd., Daoli District
Tel: 4518896
Description: renowned for its superior location and well-trained staff
Hours: 7pm-1am

Star Hollywood Disco Bar
Add: #41, Central Avenue
Description: an ideal place to dance and watch artistic performances
Hours: 7pm-2am

Yan Emperor Club
Add: #139 Gexin St., Nangang District
Description: exciting music and splendid surroundings
Tel: 2651675
Hours: 8pm-2am

Golden Flower Bar
Add: #1741 Anxin St., Daoli District
Tel: 4539059
Description: excellent service
Hours: 8m-2am

Golden Lemon Bar
Add: Recreation Area, Xi Qi Dao Street, Daoli Street
Tel: 4643611
Description two-floor entertainment hall, several KTV rooms, game room, billiard room as well as a musical band from the Philippines.
Hours: 10am-1am

Jinyuan Tea House
Add: #17 Minhang Rd,
Tel: 2345789
Description: peaceful setting with light music
Hours: 10am-11pm

Red Bridge Tea House
Add: #197 Tongda St. Nangang District
Tel: 6433625
Description: Enjoy a variety of famous teas Hours: 9am-11pm


Zhaolin Cinema
Add: #69, Xiqidao Street, Daoli District
Tel: 4616420
Description: offers 3-D films, large-screen projector video, billiards, electronic games, food and beverage shops
Hours: 9am-10pm

Asian Cinema
Add: #414, Fendou Road, Nangang District
Tel: 3643954
Description: built in 1925, European architecture
Hours: 9am-10pm

Xiaoye 21st Century Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: #350, Dong Da Zhi Street, Nangang District
Tel: 3644624
Description: disco hall and 11 luxurious KTV rooms, one of the largest entertainment places in China.
Hours: 6pm-2am

Singapore Bowling Centre
Add: #61, Ganshui Rd., Xiangfang District
Tel: 2334396
Description: 26 alleys, one of the biggest bowling centers in the city.
Hours: 10am-1am

Ganglong Bowling Centre
Add: 6th Floor Harbin No.1 Department Store
Tel: 4695372
Description: Twenty alleys
Hours: 9am-3am

Heilongjiang Oriental Bowling Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: #1, Dong Da Zhi Street, Nangang District
Tel: 2538314
Description: 36 alleys, one of the largest and best in northeast China
Hours: 10am-2am