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Central Street
Harbin Central Street, Harbin Attractions, Harbin Travel GuideOriginally built in 1898 with the name "China Street", it was renamed as the "Central Street" in 1925 and later developed into the most prosperous commercial street in the city. Starting from the Memorial Tower of Fighting against the Floods of Songhua River to the north and extending to the Jingwei Street to the south, it is 1,450 meters long, 21.34 meters wide, of which 10.8 meters are paved with square stones and were once used by vehicles. There are 71 European style structures as well as 13 structures of Renaissance, Baroque, eclecticism and modern style under protection. This street has incorporated the four most influential styles of western architecture, reflecting the glamorous history of cultural development of nearly 300 years in Europe.

Erlong Scenic Spot
Harbin Erlong Scenic Spot, Harbin Attractions, Harbin Travel GuideThe lakeside Erlong Scenic Spot is situated in the east of Harbin, 33.6 miles from the city proper. Today, Erlong Hill has become an ideal place for recreation and sightseeing for the tourists from home and abroad. Erlong Hill got its name from two dragons playing with the pears. Dalong Hill and Xiaolong Hill stand side by side from northeast to southeast. The undulating hills look like large dragons rising and falling in the clouds and extending towards the pearl island in the water.

Street of Local Food in this street of local food, the tourists can taste whatever they like, ranging from steamed potatoes, steamed eggplants, steamed corns, roasted yam beans, roasted potatoes, roasted meat cubes, roasted corns and roasted fish slices to gruel of every kind as well as large flat pancakes and glutinous rice cake.

Heilongjiang Ethnic Museum
Harbin Heilongjiang Ethnic Museum, Harbin Attractions, Harbin Travel GuideHeilongjiang Ethnic Museum, situated in the Confucian Temple in Harbin, was built for the visitors to discover the heritage of the Heilongjiang's minority inhabitants and helps to strengthen their identity.

Exhibits encompass the cultural relics of the minority nationalities in Heilongjiang. The most interesting ones are the statues of 60 legendary figures (60 immortals, each of whom stands for a year in a cycle of sixty years).

The museum also houses an exhibition about Confucius.

Heilongjiang Provincial Museum
Harbin Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, Harbin Attractions, Harbin Travel GuideHeilongjiang Provincial Museum, which was built as the Moscow Department Store in 1906, is the biggest museum in Heilongjiang province. The museum is located at 50 Red Army Street, Nangang District and covers an area of more than 129,000 square feet.

With over one hundred and seven thousand historical relics, including silk unearthed from the tombs of the Jing Dynasty, the ancient human skulls fossils about twenty thousand years ago and dinosaur fossils, the museum provides a good place for the research of Heilongjiang's history, art and culture.

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