Sun Island

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The Sun Island scenic spot is located to the north of the Songhua River main waterway, opposite downtown Harbin. Accompanied by the attractive landscapes all over the year, it is a famous scenic spot and a good recuperation place in Chinese north regions. It offers 939 - acre of lavish greeneries and flowers surrounded by the Songhua River. It serves as an ideal place for viewing the Songhua River. The name of the Sun Island comes from the Manzhou language. The fisherman of Man ethnic call a kind of Fang fish "Taiyi'an" in the Songhua River, after spread for a long time, it became "the Sun Island" in the contents of "The History of Qing Dynasty". In other words near the Sun Island abounds Fang fish.

The scenic area of the Sun Island is composing with 20 scenic spots. Such as the water pavilion and loud sky, youth's family, waterside pavilion, fountain and flying waterfall, Sun Mountain and Lotus Lake, occupying an area of 38 square kilometers. The water pavilion and cloud sky has the character "the park within the park", inside the park there are long corridor, square building, and Sun Lake. Standing on the platform of the building, you can appreciate the landscapes of the island from different angels. The youth's family is also called "the happy village", inside there are children's palace, stadium etc., providing a good entertainment place for children and adults.

It is a peaceful place with rustic charm and thick forests, encircled by pure blue water. In summer along the bank, there are weeping willows and soft, white sand. Its circular belt of white sand beaches, blue water and abundant sunlight make it an exquisite sun-bathing area. Fresh flowers and colorful grass sculptures are found flanking the roads. Many recreational centers have been built on the island where you can rent a boat or bicycle or you can tour the island on a European horse-drawn chariot. During winter, it is an ideal place for winter swimming, ice-sailing, Ice Carvings Festival as well as other recreational ice and snow activities.