Yuquan Hunting Ground

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Yuquan Hunting Ground (Yuquan shouliechang) is currently the biggest close hunting ground in China. It is located on the west part of Zhang Guangcai ridge, Changbai Mountain, 62 kilometers away from Harbin, state capital of Heilongjiang Province. Close by are the Songfeng Mountain Natural Reserve in the east, Hongxing (Red Star) Reservoir in the west and the scenic Dayangshu (Big Poplar) Peak in the north. With a total area of 3000 hectares, the hunting ground enjoys forest coverage of 80 percent and has seventeen peaks all over 3000 meters. Clean streams and rare plants can be found throughout the region, which is home to various specious of wildlife including goats, deer and rabbits. Please remember to leave those Siberian Tigers alone. Besides hunting, the resort also provides lodging in its uniquely designed traditional hunter's wooden domes, skiing, barbecue and horse riding. There is no better place for hunting and holiday getaways than the Yuquan Hunting Ground with its secluded acres of lakeside and forest settings