Zhaolin Park

Harbin Zhaolin Park, Harbin Attractions, Harbin Travel GuideFamous for its ice carving art all over the world, the Zhaolin Park lies in the Daoli Prefecture in Harbin City. The Ice Carving Festival attracted a large number of visitors from home and abroad in Harbin every year takes place here. The park was named after General Li Zhaolin, a national hero during the Anti-Japanese War who was buried here. Covering an area of 70,000 square meters, the Zhaolin Park also called the Daoli Park. Built in 1906, it has a long history. There are many modern facilities such as fountain, rocks, flower bed, amusement ground, ice skating rink, children’s paradise, golden fish hall and flower and bird garden, having full relaxing and amusing worth. In the park planted the four season flowers and trees. Owing to the unique climatic conditions, two distinct categories of natural beauties can be found in Zhaolin Park. In summer, the green plants and colorful flowers make the park the countryside of the city. The tourists can not only do sightseeing by boat but also get a panorama on the 42-meter-high cable car. Other recreational facilities will also give the tourists the most enjoyment. In winter, the park will become an icy world and a sea of lanterns.

Zhaolin Park is the place where the Ice Lantern Festival is held from the 5th of January to the end of February every year. Ice-carvings of a great variety are displayed here. Every year such as the ice tower, ice bridge, ice long corridor and ice pavilion and building and even the 12-year cycles are made with large ice. They even create on the frozen river surface or lake surface, once they created the West Lake in Hangzhou and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and so forth and showed to all the visitors on the Ice Carving Festival. In the evening, the whole park is lit with lanterns, and the glittering ice-sculptures turn it into a shining crystal palace.