Luhuitou Hill

Luhuitou Hill - Sanya Travel GuideLuhuitou Hill (Deer Looking Back Hill) is five kilometers south of Sanya City. As its name implies the hill looks like a deer looking back over its shoulder. The hill is more than 270 meters high.

There is a pretty story about the hill. Long, long ago, there was a young hunter. One day, he came across a beautiful deer which was enjoying the grass. He kept running after the deer to catch it. The deer was chased to a hill after running for nearly 9 days, and there was no way for the deer to escape. However, the deer turned back and stared at the hunter for mercy and the hunter was touched by the light in the deer's eyes and he put down his bow. At that moment, the deer turned into a beautiful lady. They got married and lived a peaceful life here on the hill. The village was formed by their descendants.

Luhuitou Hill is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It's a peaceful, quiet place where people can escape from the bustling city to enjoy the sunshine on the beach or sail on the sea.