Sanya Restaurants

Sanya Seafood – Sanya RestaurantsSanya have a variety of cuisines from all over the world. The city is located at north latitude 18 degree, and its sea water has a high salt content, which makes the sea food taste very good. many kinds of restaurants and sea food. There are many ways to cook, steamed, fried, braised, and hot-pot.

Boiled wenchang chicken, braised dongshan lamb, steamed hele crab and boiled jiaji duck are among the most popular dishes. Ethic Li and Hui food is available locally.

The tourist will find numerous restaurants serving Chinese and western cuisines.

Dongjiao Yelin Seafood Restaurant
Location: Dadonghai

Summer Mall Gastronomy Square
Location: Summer Mall Square, Dadonghai

Yuan Xing Long Restaurant
Location: Binhai Road, Sanya Bay

Mediterranean Restaurant
Location: Xihe Road, Sanya Downtown