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Da Dong Hai Beach
Da Dong Hai Beach - Sanya AttractionsDadonghai Beach (Dadonghai) is one of Sanya's cleanest beaches, situated about 3 km from the center of the city and just off the main road. The beach's close proximity to the city means that it can get very busy but this still remains a pleasant and convenient spot to kick off your shoes, soak up the rays and swim in the sea. Like most of the beaches around Sanya, this is a truly tropical beach with 3km of white sand curving round a crescent shaped bay, warm blue seas and palm trees. Facilities here are good too. Water sports are popular and there are numerous small restaurants and bars serving up tasty snacks and drinks.

Tianya Haijiao
Tianya Haijiao - Sanya AttractionsTianya Haijiao (the Edge of the Sky and the Rim of the Sea) lies below Xiamaling Hill, about 24 kilometers west of Sanya City on Hainan Island. It's a vast beach facing the South China Sea. The beach is dotted with numerous huge rocks. Sitting on one of the rocks, one can see where the sea meets the sky. Rocks, azure sky, and coconut trees make this a picturesque and enchanted place. On the beach is a giant rock, on which is carved two Chinese characters "Tianya" (the Edge of Sky). Beside it on another rock, is carved "Haijiao" (the Rim of Sea). On the left of the two rocks is a cone shape rock. The words on it read "Column of the Southern Sky", which indicates that here is the southern end of the motherland.

Luhuitou Hill
Luhuitou Hill - Sanya AttractionsThere is a pretty story about the hill. Long, long ago, there was a young hunter. One day, he came across a beautiful deer which was enjoying the grass. He kept running after the deer to catch it. The deer was chased to a hill after running for nearly 9 days, and there was no way for the deer to escape. However, the deer turned back and stared at the hunter for mercy and the hunter was touched by the light in the deer's eyes and he put down his bow. At that moment, the deer turned into a beautiful lady. They got married and lived a peaceful life here on the hill. The village was formed by their descendants.

Wuzhizhou Island
Wuzhizhou Island - Sanya AttractionsWuzhizhou Island is a tropical island with some excellent scuba diving available around the spectacular coral reefs. It is known locally as a microcosm of all that is gorgeous about Hainan Island- white beaches, palm trees, sunshine and wonderful sea life including sea urchin, starfish and seahorses. This spot is generally acknowledged as the best place for scuba diving on the entire island.


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