Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay - Sanya Travel GuideYalong Bay National Resort is Sanya's premier destination for fun in the sun. It provides visitors with an irresistible combination of a world-class beach, matchless swimming and diving, international resorts and superb golf facilities in one extraordinary package. Situated about 30 km east of Sanya city along a first-rate expressway, Yalong Bay centers on a crescent-shaped beach. The sea off the beach is so clear that visibility can reach almost eight meters, making it ideal for divers attracted to the nearby coral reef. Those who prefer lounging by the pool to swimming in the sea will find pools of every size in the international resorts now overlooking the beach. More resorts are planned like Sheraton, Shangri-La, and Hyatt.

Golfers will find the 36-hole Yalong Bay Golf Club up to world standards. In addition to water sports and golf, look for tennis, rock climbing and hiking among a wide selection of activities and attractions. Yalong Bay National Resort simply should not be missed.

Yalong Bay - Sanya Travel GuideAsian Dragon Bay (Yalong wan) is arguably Hainan's best beach and definitely the most pristine. Seven km of white sand stretches along beautifully clean blue water here, backed by palm trees and lush green hills. The beach sits roughly on the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys similar temperatures and weather conditions. The water here is wonderfully clear, reflecting the blue sky and white sand beneath the depths. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular pursuits here given the clear water, bright-colored coral reefs and tropical fish that abound and this is one of the nicest place to swim on the entire island. This is a protected marine reserve and commercial fishing is forbidden here, keeping the water very clean and lovely for swimming.

Facilities are also good here. This great beach is adjacent to shops, restaurants and a museum with a large collection of sea shells. There is also a charming outdoor butterfly garden with a mountain hiking trail and some great walks. Hot springs, numerous golf courses and submarine cruises are also offered.

A nice trip from the bay is to Wild Boar Island. Take a boat from the bay to the island for some great snorkeling and swimming. Prices for this vary, so ask around at your hotel or in the restaurants on the bay