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Tianya Haijiao

Tianya Haijiao (the Edge of the Sky and the Rim of the Sea) lies below Xiamaling Hill, about 24 kilometers west of Sanya City on Hainan Island. It's a vast beach facing the South China Sea. The beach is dotted with numerous huge rocks. Sitting on one of the rocks, one can see where the sea meets the sky.

Tianya Haijiao - Sanya Travel GuideRocks, azure sky, and coconut trees make this a picturesque and enchanted place. On the beach is a giant rock, on which is carved two Chinese characters "Tianya" (the Edge of Sky). Beside it on another rock, is carved "Haijiao" (the Rim of Sea). On the left of the two rocks is a cone shape rock. The words on it read "Column of the Southern Sky", which indicates that here is the southern end of the motherland.

When the tide is rising, the waves hit "Column of the Southern Sky" and make a noise like a peal of thunder. Looking into the distance, one can see roaring waves and splashing sprays.

Tianya Haijiao has been designated as a scenic spot by the local government. A natural beach, a seashore roadway, and a seaside pavilion have been built. There are hot springs, and some interesting caves, Little Cave and the Cave of Dropping Pen, in Ya County. The area is a great place to forget your troubles, enjoy the sights and relax.

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