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White Cloud Hills Scenic Region

Guangzhou White Cloud Hills Scenic Region, Guangzhou Attractions, Guangzhou Travel Guide"White clouds and pearl sea" is a phrase used by many to describe Guangzhou. The "white clouds" actually means the famous White Cloud Hills. The White Cloud Hills Scenic Region is located at the northeastern part of Guangzhou, 17kilometers from the city center. It is a continuation of the Jiulian Mountain to the south. The Scenic Region comprises more than 30 hills and peaks, covering an area of 28 square kilometers. The highest peak, Moxing Ridge (Star- scraping Ridge) stands in the center of White Cloud Mountain, and is 382m high, and regarded as "the First Peak under the Southern Sky". Every autumn, the stream of clouds will surround the peaks, forming charming scenery, so the mountains here have been called "White Cloud Hills".

The magnificent scenery and abundance of historical relics have made this a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou since ancient times. White Cloud Mountain is a park with natural hills and waters, ideal for sightseeing and as a summer resort, with a history of development of over 1,000 years. The White Cloud Hills are special because of the green peaks, the elegant views, and the numerous famous spots, such as Wind Soughing in the Pines on White Cloud Mountain, Pujian Spring, and Looking afar in the Evening from White Cloud Mountain, the Returned Monk at Jingtai, the Splendid Mountain of Cloud, etc. are all famous scenic spots in this mountain. Renowned poets and scholars of past dynasties, such as Sushi, Yang Wanli, Wang Shizhen and others once came here and recorded their experiences in poetry and prose for posterity. The whole scenic region can be divided into Luhu Lake, North Hill and Mountain Peak areas. Apart from these, the Scenic Region also has a South China Botanical Garden. It is located at The Dragon Eyes Cave and has a cultivation of more than 4,500 species of tropical and sub-tropical plants. There is an exhibition area, man-made lake, resting pavilion, laboratory, and greenhouse.

In good weather, traveling there is really rewarding and peaceful for those who choose to walk. In recent times new tourist attractions have been created and these include facilities for water sports, a golf course, botanical gardens and a sculpture park.