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Baoshu Pagoda

Hangzhou Baoshu Pagoda, Hangzhou Attractions, Hangzhou Travel GuideLocated on the Baoshu Hill, the Baoshu Pagoda was first built by a minister of the Wuyue Kingdom in the period of the Northern Song Dynasty to protect Qian Chu, the last ruler of the Wuyue Kingdom, so that he could return safely from a trip north. This pagoda was ruined and rebuilt many times later. The present one was built in 1933 according to the design of the Ming Dynasty. It is a seven storied solid hexagonal pagoda with a height of 45.3 meters. The body of the pagoda looks straight and slight, which makes it look like a fair lady over viewing the West Lake. It is one of the symbols of the West Lake. There is a small red pavilion near the Baoshu Pagoda named “Alighting Phoenix Pavilion”. Near the pavilion, there is Chuan Zheng Cave. Passing through the steep cliffs and narrow path of the cave, you will suddenly have a broadening view.

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