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Broken Bridge

Hangzhou Broken Bridge, Hangzhou Attractions, Hangzhou Travel GuideThe Broken Bridge lies at the eastern end of the Bai Causeway. According to the historical records in the Ming Dynasty, the place was so named because the White Causeway from the Solitary Hill was cut off here. The Broken Bridge is the most famous bridge at the West Lake. Ts name is seen in the folktale of Madam White Snake, where the touching and sad love story of Lady White and Xu Xian begins when they meet at the Broken Bridge and borrow the umbrella as their love-promise. The scene of their reunion at the Broken Bridge after suffering lots of hardships has made every Broken Bridge visitor fall into a long reverie.

In addition, the view of "malting snow at broken bridge" is also one of the famous "Ten Scenes of the West Lake". There are different sayings about "Malting snow on the broken bridge". One of them is that it snows almost every winter in Hangzhou and when the sun comes out after snowfall, the snow on the sunny side of the bridge melts first, while the snow on the shady side still lingers. Looked at a distance or from a nearby hill, the bridge appears to be broken. It is a favorite stopover for you. Especially on fine winter days after a snow, you may stand on the bridge to feast your eyes on the snow scene far and near. Distant hills, clad in white, grow more enchanting.

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