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Hu Qingyu Pharmaceutical Workshop

Hangzhou Hu Qingyu Pharmaceutical, Hangzhou Attractions, Hangzhou Travel GuideThe Traditional Medicine Museum at Hu Qingyu Pharmaceutical Workshop is a museum for Chinese traditional medicine and also one of the historical and cultural relics under state protection. The museum is located at the original site of the Hu Qingyu Pharmaceutical Workshop, built on the old structure of the Hu Qingyu Pharmaceutical Workshop in 1874 of the Qing Dynasty. In the museum are exhibited and introduced medicine celebrities of the past dynasties, origins of medicine, the development of the study of medicine, the exchange of medicine knowledge between China and foreign countries, tools for making Chinese medicine, along with tens of thousands of specimen of Chinese traditional medicinal herbs. In the workshop, one can see old specialist men cutting and making traditional drugs. In the business hall, one can buy Chinese traditional medicinal herbs from various parts of the country.