The China Tea Museum

Hangzhou China-Tea-Museum, Hangzhou Attractions, Hangzhou Travel GuideChina Tea Museum is the only one of its kind in the country, located at the foot of the southern peak in the Dragon Well Village. It occupies 3.7 hectares and has 8000 square meters construction area. It is a national museum feature on tea and tea culture. It features a typical gardening style of the south of Yangtze River, looks simple, natural, elegant and tasteful. In the museum the trees made a shade everywhere with flowers in bloom all the year round. It is a calm and quiet place for relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea.

This national museum displays a bewildering variety of teas produced nationwide, ranging from black tea to green tea , from white tea to dark tea , from Yunnan brick tea to Fujian oolong (black dragon) tea . It comprises 4 groups of buildings with displays outlining the traditions of growing tea south of the Yangtze River. Here you can learn about the history of tea, the best varieties and the etiquette of tea drinking in China. Building No.1 is the exhibition building. It is divided into six exhibition rooms, including tea-growing history, famous teas, tea customs, and tea sets. Building No.2 has been a fine locale for a number of cultural activities on tea, including a series of international seminars on tea culture and exchange. Building No.3 has six tea rooms in different styles, where various teas can be samples. In Building No.4 tastefully demonstrated are tea art and tea ceremony, ancient and modem, Chinese and foreign. All in all, a major part of the museum is dedicated to tea culture. Visiting the museum therefore, is to learn about tea-growing and tea-drinking in different countries throughout the world, about all types of delicate tea-seta, and about various tea ceremonies that reigned or still reign in China.