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Nanchang Restaurants

Nanchang food, Nanchang Restaurants, Nanchang Travel GuideNanchang cuisine is representative of Jiangxi cuisine. Nanchang foods are soft, crisp and tender, fresh and fragrant and delicious, salty and hot and moderate. If you want to enjoy yourself, come to Nanchang with an empty stomach.

Nanchang characteristics snacks

1. Fried Snacks

Fried snacks are available everywhere, in the main streets and along the rural roads, in Nanchang, The major ingredients are beans, sausage, green vegetables, kelp roll, meat, bananas, giblets, and lotus root. These are all prepared in advance, and then fried. You can add some hot pepper. It’s inexpensive and delicious.

2. Nanchang rice flour snacks

Nanchang rice flour has been around since ancient times. It is made from the finest raw materials. The rice flour is combined with ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, chopped scallions, salted vegetables, and pepper. The finished product can be eaten cold.

3. Stone street fried dough twist

The dough twists are made from high quality raw materials, white flour, white sugar, vegetable oil and fresh eggs.


Wenxuan Restaurant: local famous food, Jiangxi food.
Nanchang Gloria Plaza: western food.
Wang’s Hotpot Restaurant: Chinese specialty.

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