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Nanchang Transportation

Nanchang is one of the most important transportation hubs in the eastern part of China. As the provincial capital the city is the transportation center of Jiangxi and has convenient transportation links with most Nanchang Airport, Nanchang Transportation, Nanchang Travel Guide major cities.

By plane

The Nanchang Changbei airport (Changbei fei ji chang) is 26km north of the city, and scheduled flights go to Beijing, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an and other destinations within China as well as Hong Kong. Buses to the airport leave from the main CAAC office on Beijing xilu.

By train

Nanchang lies on the main Guangzhou-Shanghai railway line. There are more than one hundred trains per day running through the city to areas throughout China. There are direct trains (see train schedule) to Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Jiujiang and Jingdezhen. Express trains run daily to the Yangtze River port of Jiujiang (2.5 hours).

The railway station is located in the southeast part of city, at the end of Zhanqian lu. Bus No.2, running from the station along Bayi dadao, will take you to the city center.

By bus

The city can be reached by bus from cities like Guangzhou (18 hours), (8 hours), and Shenzhen (20 hours). It is also very convenient to travel from Nanchang to Jiujiang (1.5 hours), Jingdezhen (6.5 hours), Lushan (2.5 hour), Jinggangshan (9 hours) and other cities in Jiangxi.

The Long-distance bus station is on Bayi dadao, between Renmin Square (Renmin guangchang) and the Fushan traffic circle.

By boat

There is a small ferry terminal in Nanchang, which is near the Bayi Bridge (Bayi qiao). There are daily services to towns around Poyang Lake and also less frequent services heading south along the Gan River. It is possible to take the 06:30 boat to Boyang and then take a bus (2 hours) to Jingdezhen. The boat trip to Boyang takes approximately 7 hours. If you prefer a quicker trip, there are two fast boats that take 3 hours.

City transport

Nanchang's urban transportation consists of city buses, mini-buses, taxis and sightseeing buses. The bus routes are generally well planned and convenient and there are numerous taxis available. Most journeys should be under RMB20 in a taxi. Maps showing the bus routes can be bought from the bus and train stations.

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