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Nanchang Attractions

Tengwang Pavilion
Tengwang Pavilion, Nanchang Attractions, Nanchang Travel GuideThe Tengwang Pavilion, located on the bank of the Yangtze River, west of Nanchang City, is one of three famous pavilions south of the Yangtze River (the other two are Yueyang Tower in Yueyang and Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan). The pavilion was built in AD 653, when Tengwang Li Yuanying (King Teng), a younger brother of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty was the governor of Nanchang. It was destroyed and rebuilt as many as 28 times until it was burned to ashes in 1926. In 1989, the pavilion was rebuilt again according to the architectural style of the Song Dynasty.

Po Yang Lake
Po Yang Lake, Nanchang Attractions, Nanchang Travel GuidePo Yang is a huge lake surrounded by a number of smaller lakes. In the summer the lakes are filled by the flooding of the Jangzi River, however in the autumn as the water subsides vast areas of shallow water and extensive muddy banks are created producing ideal habitat for cranes, ducks and geese. The area is the main wintering ground for 95% of the worlds Siberian Crane population as well as a major wintering ground for White-napped and Hooded Cranes. Fish are also present in the waters in abundance.

Mountain Jinggangshan
Mountain Jinggangshan, Nanchang Attractions, Nanchang Travel GuideJinggangshan Mountains is located 180km (110 miles) from Nanchang, and is situated in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. This lush mountain area is known as "the cradle of the Chinese Revolution" because of the crucial role it played in the early Communist movement. In 1927, after suffering crushing losses in urban areas, a weakened Communist force led by Mao Zedong sought refuge in Jinggangshan's dense forests. Mao's small band was soon joined by the Communist army led by Zhu De and Zhou Enlai who had been unsuccessful after the Nanchang Uprising as well as Peng Dehuai and his legion.

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