Nanchang Shopping

Nanchang Department Store, Nanchang Shopping, Nanchang Travel GuideShopping in Nanchang is limited, although the locals are keen to sell anything that will make a quick kuai. Various styles of clothing, trinkets and handicrafts can be found on the major shopping streets, such as Women's Street (Nuren jie) and Palace of Longevity Street (Wanshougong jie).

The cities main specialty is porcelain, that comes from the nearby area of Jingdezhen, but which can be found in quantity in the city. The Nanchang Porcelain Store (Nanchang ciqi shangdian) on Mingde lu is a good place to start looking, but there are many private stores selling classical style pieces inexpensively.

Other local specialty products include Lidu brushes, Silk fans and painted plates, all of which can be found in the Nanchang Arts and Crafts Shop (Nanchang gongyi meishu shangdian), on Minde lu, west of the intersection with Supu lu.

Special products of Nanchang


Several varieties of fans are available in Nanchang: the black paper, oil paper, and silk fan, all made from the finest materials can be found readily in the cities’ shops. The exquisite craftsmanship has made them an item sought after all over the world where people know about such fine things. The black paper fan is an especially sought after item.

The Nanchang porcelain portrait plate

"The Nanchang porcelain portrait plate" is a wonderful work of industrial art. Here ancient art and modern skill meet. The finished ware hanging in the shops is a feast for the eyes. The porcelain plate portrait is made by first sketching the portrait on the base of white porcelain with a painting brush then adding thin coats of paint. The plate is then kiln fired. Finally a protective glaze is added and the item is then sun dried.

The Dachu wine of Nanchang

The Nanchang dachu is a locally made wine. It is famous and has a long history in Jiangxi. The alcoholic content is 60 (V/V). It is clear with a sharp aroma. It has a silky feel in the mouth and a pure mellow flavor. This wine helps the drinker relax and stimulates blood circulation. It is said to ward off the cold and disease, help digestion and stimulate the appetite.

Dingfang wine

Dingfang wine is a traditional sweet yellow wine, considered to be the best from Dingfang Village of Nanchang County. The alcoholic content 18 to 20 (V/V). It is a golden yellow color, with a strong fragrance. It is mellow, gentle and pure. The drinker will find himself with bright eyes, a happy spirit and a heart empty of worries.

Lidu Sorghum wine

This wine gets its name from the town where it is produced. The alcoholic content is 56 (V/V). The color is clear and transparent, the fragrant strong, and the flavor is pure and sweet. Lidu Sorghum wine has been made for more than 200 years.


On the flourishing shopping streets of Nanchang, the shops that one sees most are shops selling a huge variety of china. One can find Chinese porcelain in a variety of colors, and sizes. JingDe-zhen blue and white porcelain, one of the four major distinctive Chinese porcelains, can be seen here. Besides blue and white porcelain, there are other famous products in JingDe-zhen: colored vitreous, powder color porcelain, classical porcelain, eggshell china, sculpture porcelain, ceramic mural painted porcelain, and exquisite paste porcelain. People come from all over the world to buy fine china and porcelain in Nanchang.

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