Po Yang Lake

Po Yang is a huge lake surrounded by a number of smaller lakes. In the summer the lakes are filled by the Po Yang Lake, Nanchang Attractions, Nanchang Travel Guide flooding of the Jangzi River, however in the autumn as the water subsides vast areas of shallow water and extensive muddy banks are created producing ideal habitat for cranes, ducks and geese. The area is the main wintering ground for 95% of the worlds Siberian Crane population as well as a major wintering ground for White-napped and Hooded Cranes. Fish are also present in the waters in abundance.

The area, around the lake that is designated a reserve, is centered around the village of Wu Cheng where the reserve headquarters is located. The reserved area basically incorporates the smaller lakes of Dahu Chi, Sha Hu, and Bang Hu. Surrounding these lakes are extensive areas of low lying grass which are ideal feeding areas for geese and ducks with the longer grass being the wintering areas of the Great Bustard and Japanese Marsh warbler.

The village of Wu Cheng is located on higher ground at the confluence of the river Xiu and the river Gan and is surrounded by large areas of cultivated fields, paddies and small areas of woodland. Access to the village from Nanchang is by either a rough dirt track or by a twice-daily riverboat.

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