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Crown Cave

Crown Cave, located in Caoping Village, in southern suburbs of Guilin Grassland Town, 29km south of Guilin city, which is one of the most famous tourist spots along Li River. The cave was given name as it resembles a crown. For hundreds of years, crown cave stand on the bank of the Li River, has attracted numerous poets, scholars and other people. The landscape around the cave is excellent and the inside world of the cave is beautiful and unique.

Crown CaveCrown cave has a splendid gate facing Li River and the cave stream enters into Li River. The cave is divided into four caves; they are connecting with each other. From the layout of cave, it appears spacious and brightly, because there are stalagmite and stalactite covered in the top of the outer cave. From the outside one can have a full view of the hanging stalactite, with purple mist which makes a poetic charm in this cave.

The cave lasts for 12km, and only 3km nearest the river has been explored to any large extent. Due to the perennial obturation, the cave was well protected. Inside the cave, stalagmites stand here and there, grotesque and imposing, leading people into a fairyland. The deepest spot is over 10 meters. Equipped with automatic light and sound control guide system, the cave now seems more enchanting than ever. In addition, modern equipments including an elevator, small train, yachts and sightseeing roller coaster offer convenience to tourists.

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